Attacker with sword kills at least two in Quebec

Dramatic video shot early Sunday showed Quebec City police arresting a man they suspect killed at least two people and wounded at least five more during a stabbing spree in which he was dressed in a medieval outfit, wielding a Japanese sword.

Quebec Police Chief Robert Pigeon said at a news conference police had arrested a 24-year-old man from Montreal and noted the attack in the Canadian city appeared to be driven by personal motives and not linked to any terror group.

The suspect came prepared to inflict as much damage as possible -- according to Pigeon -- who also said (quote), "everything leads us to believe he chose his victims at random."

The incident began late Saturday night, on Halloween, inside the city's famed walled center.

Pigeon said the suspect had spoken of conducting an attack "in a medical context" five years ago but was not known to police and did not have a criminal record.