Atlanta Police Officers Swim After Fleeing Suspect

Two Atlanta police officers jumped into a lake in pursuit of a fleeing suspect, on Thursday, August 25, video shows.

This footage, released by the City of Atlanta Police Department, shows the suspect speeding through the streets of Atlanta in a car. The suspect then exits the vehicle and runs into the woods along Tatum Lake.

The fleeing suspect then decides to jump into the lake to escape. According to the police department, the officers “quickly removed their duty belts and promptly jumped into the lake, and continued their pursuit of the suspect.”

Officers caught up to him and detained him before he could reach the shore. The suspect was later identified as Jetarvius Q. Thompson and was charged with multiple offences, police said. Credit: City of Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Traveling on 10 miles East now. He's going to be jumping out right now of the black Chevy. Jumping right in front of 628 Tatum Lake. Went into the back of the house now. Closing in on the rail right now in the creek.