Atilia Haron never got to meet her stepfather face to face

25 Nov – Singer Atilia Haron recently admitted that she never actually had the chance to meet her stepfather Gerry Hughes prior to his passing last month.

The singer, who was unable to attend mum Salamiah Hassan's wedding ceremony in Australia back in September after failing to get her visa, stated that she only got to know Gerry via video calls.

"I did plan to go to their wedding, but the visa application to Australia was quite complicated following the pandemic, that it took a month to get it approved, so I missed the nikah ceremony," she said.

Even though she never got to meet Gerry, who passed away not two months after marrying Salamiah due to cancer, Atilia said that the man was a kind and caring person.

Salamiah married Gerald Hughes on 1 September
Salamiah married Gerald Hughes on 1 September

"I believe that those traits were the reason mum was able to open up her heart to remarry after 35 years of being single," she added.

Atilia also revealed that Salamiah would like to stay in Tasmania for the time being to be close to her husband, who was buried there, though she will sometimes return to Kuala Lumpur to be with her family and work.

"Although they only got to be together for two months, the marriage did make a great impact to mum's life," she added.

Atilia was in Australia to comfort her mum
Atilia was in Australia to comfort her mum

(Photo Source: Atilia Haron IG)