Athletes want their chance to shine at Tokyo Games

For most athletes the Olympics are the pinnacle of their career.

And with the future of the rescheduled 2020 Games hanging in the balance, athletes like British climber Shauna Coxsey have mixed emotions.

"I guess ultimately, I have to trust my own instincts as well and I won't know how I feel until I am in that position (of travelling to Tokyo) and know the current state of the world and everything that is going on at that time. I am hoping that everything will be in place and it will all feel safe and be right but that is something we have to be ready for and ready to assess at the time. That is kind of what everyone is geared up towards."

Representatives from the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee told reporters on Thursday (January 28) there were no doubts or objections from its partners, including the IOC and sporting federations, about Japan hosting the rearranged Games this year.

But Tokyo organizers are preparing for the Olympics while public support for the Games is actually dwindling in Japan.

The country's lagged behind most other developed nations in its vaccine rollout, and there are many fears over public safety.

Will Claye is double Olympic silver medallist. He says his fellow athletes just want the games to be confirmed amid the cancellation rumours.

"We have kind of gotten pushed to the side a little bit. But you can't push the most prolific sporting event in all of mankind to the side, you know? So, as much as people want to put us in the shadows, I don't think that can truly happen. I think that, for that reason, the Olympics will happen, you know, because other sports are happening right now.

The organizing committee's president Yoshiro Mori told IOC President Thomas Bach that he had received assurances that Tokyo had the full backing of all Olympic stakeholders.