Astro's Playroom: How To Find The New Bloodborne Special Bot In GPU Jungle

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

With a full-blown Astro Bot platformer on the way, Sony’s Team Asobi has revisited its PS5 launch game, Astro’s Playroom, to add some exciting new teases for what’s to come. Most notable are the addition of four new Special Bots hidden in each of the game’s core worlds. If you’re looking to round up the Bloodborne Special Bot in GPU Jungle and obtain its respective trophy (Hunted Down), we’ve got everything you need to know below. It’s far more specific than you could possibly be thinking.

Where to find the Special Bot in GPU Jungle

Before you’ll be able to round up the Bloodborne Special Bot in GPU Jungle, you’ll first need to beat the game fully. Once you’ve rolled the credits, you’ll be able to return to the hub and re-enter GPU Jungle to begin your search.

When you load up GPU Jungle, you’ll be in the starting area called Renderforest. Head forward and pull the cables on the wall to reveal stairs leading up. It’s in this area that you’ll find the Special Bot, but how to do so is not made particularly obvious.

On the left of this area beside a round platform is a bot chopping a tree. Run past him and stand in the small bush on the edge of the cliff for a few moments.

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

How to raise the platforms in GPU Jungle

At this point, a platform will fire out containing a Bloodborne Hunter bot within a glass container. However, you won’t be able to unlock this container without solving one more puzzle.

Make your way up to the top of the nearby round platform using the stairs on its left, then defeat the two enemies going around its perimeter and a flower will pop out. You can hold down the Square button to charge a spinning attack next to this flower to make it whirl and create platforms leading up.

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

The secret code for collecting GPU Jungle’s Special Bot

Follow the disc platforms up and then follow the wooden platforms until you reach the one furthest to the left. On the backside of this tree trunk is a clock. You can’t interact with it directly, but if you press the Options button, you’ll be given a prompt for a date. Here, enter Bloodborne’s release date: 24-11-2015.

Upon entering the correct date, you’ll release the Hunter bot from his glass container and earn yourself the “Hunted Down” trophy in the process. Congratulations!


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