Astrology influencer 'agitated by eclipse' stabbed partner to death and threw children out of car

The Montecito Apartments complex where the stabbing said to have happened  (AP)
The Montecito Apartments complex where the stabbing said to have happened (AP)

An astrology influencer allegedly fatally stabbed her partner at their Los Angeles apartment on Monday then threw her two children from a moving car, killing her infant daughter.

Los Angeles police believe Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson, 34,  was an astrologer who called the impending solar eclipse “the epitome of spiritual warfare" in an online post days earlier.

Officers said she was an astrology influencer who posted online in the hours leading up to the violence, which began hours before the eclipse peaked in Southern California.

However, police said they are not considering the eclipse to be a precipitating or contributing factor to the slayings “because we just don't know why she did what she did”.

Lt Guy Golan, head of the homicide unit investigating the case, told the Associated Press: “We've taken all the facts we can, but without being able to interview her and without having something more tangible than a post on X, I don't know how much weight you can give to somebody (saying) there's an apocalypse and attribute it to one of the most horrific murders we've had in LA.”

Authorities say Johnson and her partner, 29-year-old Jaelen Allen Chaney, had an argument around 3.40 am on Monday in their apartment in Woodland Hills, about 25 miles northwest of LA.

Johnson stabbed Chaney and fled with her kids, an 8-month-old girl and her 9-year-old sister, in a Porsche Cayenne.

Johnson then drove along Interstate 405 in Culver City and threw her daughters out of the moving SUV around 4.30am, police said.

Her baby daughter was pronounced dead on the road, but the older daughter, who witnessed the stabbing, survived with moderate injuries.

Half an hour later she began driving at over 100 miles per hour and crashed into a tree, with police investigating the likelihood that it was a suicide attempt.

“Get your protection on and your heart in the right place," she posted April 4 to more than 105,000 followers on X.

“The world is very obviously changing right now and if you ever needed to pick a side, the time to do right in your life is now. Stay strong you got this."

On April 5, she posted in all caps, “Wake up wake up the apocalypse is here. Everyone who has ears listen. Your time to choose what you believe is now."

Across the globe, the solar eclipse spawned fears of the apocalypse and other suspicions rooted in religion and spirituality.

But Lt. Golan noted that others who posted online about their eclipse-related worries did not commit violence like Johnson.

“How many people wrote about it," he said, "and didn't go out and murder somebody?”