Astonishing footage shows brave Chinese woman rescue her 5-year-old niece from 20-metre-deep well

This is the remarkable moment an 18-year-old woman was lowered into a well in northern China to rescue her 5-year-old niece. The little girl fell into the 20-meter deep well on December 26 in Qiang Bai Town in Shaanxi Province. When a team of rescuers arrived on the scene they found none of them was able to fit inside the narrow opening of the well. The girl's aunt, however, was slim enough to enter and volunteered to be lowered in headfirst to save her family member. With no time to lose due to chilly conditions and a lack of air in the well, rescuers accepted her offer and kitted the brave aunt out with protective gear. After two unsuccessful attempts and an ever-increasing risk of suffocation to both niece and aunt, the brave woman managed to haul the little girl to safety. "I knew you would come and save me!” the girl reportedly told her aunt as they made their way to the surface. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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