How the ASICS SPORTSTYLE Jogger X81 reinvents its own retro 80s archives

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Past, meet present. In its latest Jogger X81 sneaker, ASICS takes inspiration from the best source: its own beloved classic jogging shoes from the 1980s, revamped with today’s fashion standards.

In an era where flare pants, bucket hats and chunky loafers are rightfully making their comebacks, it’s safe to say that old-school styles are here to stay — and ASICS is jumping on the bandwagon with its new Jogger X81 sneakers. A new addition to its SPORTSTYLE athleisure range, the Jogger X81 draws inspiration from its own archive of classic jogging shoes from the 1980s, with a touch of modern flair; in other words, to raise the standard of normality — to take what it has always known and make it greater. 

If you’ve been a long-time admirer of vintage ASICS SPORTSTYLE, you’ll be familiar with the ULTIMATE, SORTIE LYTE GONA, HONOLULU, TIGER ARROW, TIGER PAW TASK X1 and X-CALIBER models that were prominent in the 80s sport shoes scene — all of which play a part in bringing the Jogger X81 into being.

For better cushioning, the distinctive Cush-Hole design of the Jogger X81 gets an upgrade with larger openings on the outside, and smaller holes on the inside for more advanced stability. The sneaker’s heel wrap is also moved to the inside to give you greater ground contact and smoother transitions when on the go.

Aesthetically, the Jogger X81 retains the same standout feature from ASICS SPORTSTYLE’s HONOLULU jogging shoe — the Caldera sole, influenced by the shape that Hawaiian volcanoes create after they erupt and collapse. Pleasing to the eye and practical, this unique design also helps prevent soil from getting stuck in the tread when you’re running off-road.

The ASICS SPORTSTYLE Jogger X81 in Grey.
The ASICS SPORTSTYLE Jogger X81 in Grey.

Thinking of kick-starting your own sneaker collection? The Jogger X81 could be the pair to get it going, especially if you’re someone who’s keen on joining in the ‘jogger sneaker’ trend and are looking for the best cushioning — bonus points for ultra-comfort. The Jogger X81 sneaker comes in three simple yet versatile colourways: Black, Grey and Beige, and its heritage-inspired, 1980s design makes it perfect to pair with any outfit for pretty much any occasion.

The ASICS SPORTSTYLE Jogger X81 is now available on and ASICS Stores.

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