Asian markets rally after Biden win

Markets in Asia saw a surge on Monday (November 9) after Joe Biden became the U.S. president-elect.

In Japan, it appears investors that held off buying last week due to the political uncertainty over the elections are now rushing to put their money somewhere.

The share average in Japan's Nikkei index hit its highest level since 1991.

Elsewhere, the main indices in Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea each saw a 1.7 percent bump, which means Seoul's KOSPI index hit its highest point in two years.

Shares in China also started higher on hopes of better U.S. relations under Biden.

Renewable energy-related firms have also soared following his victory.

Oil prices jumped on Monday as well, shrugging off worries about lackluster demand through 2020.

Analysts who spoke to Reuters warned the road might get tougher from here as investors focus on Biden's ability to roll out more stimulus and other measures to tackle the global health crisis.