Ashin says sorry for being unwell during concerts



19 Sep – Mayday's frontman Ashin recently took to social media to express his apology for not giving a hundred percent in his performance throughout Mayday's tour around China due to his health issue.

On 17 September, the Taiwanese singer, who was photographed with a nasal cannula used to provide oxygen prior to his show, shared that he started to feel unwell when he performed in Quanzhou, and dragged the illness to Macau and back to Taipei.

"After working in Xi'an for nine days, I felt groggy but still laughing and joking with much hope and expectation. After three days of performing in Nanjing, my body fully recovered but my voice was harder to control than in Xi'an. Sometimes it becomes extremely hoarse," he explained.

Ashin stated that he wasn't trying to make fans worry about him, but that the post is written to apologise for not taking good care of himself and thus not giving the best performance to his fans.

"Thank you everybody for your tolerance and love... Please take care of yourself too," he added.


Ashin seen here using a nasal cannula
Ashin seen here using a nasal cannula


(Photo Source: Ashin IG, UDN)