Artist fights plastic waste in Jordan

STORY: This artist is fighting plastic waste in Jordan

Location: Amman, Jordan

Maria Nissan washes and dries trash she finds in the street

before creating colorful works of art for display in galleries

She wants to raise awareness about single-use plastic

and its harmful impact on the environment

[Maria Nissan, Artist]

“Here in Jordan, a huge amount of waste that they are using is the plastic. So I use my medium of art to raise awareness about this issue. Because I felt, once again, art is a universal language, people don't need to understand what I am actually saying verbally because when they see this material they can make the

prediction that this is trash, it is something I use every day and what happens to it after I use it.”

Less than 10% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled

“So no matter what demograph(ic group) you are coming from, rich, poor, no matter what country, where the borders are, what your religion is, this material is harming our entire planet. And there is not enough conversations, there is not enough initiatives, there is not enough support to find solutions.”

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