Artist Crafts Miniature Set Based on Classic 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episode

An artist from Simi Valley, California, who specializes in designing miniature television and movie sets crafted an intricate homage to a classic Friends Thanksgiving episode, video uploaded on November 3 shows.

Footage recorded by artist Bridget McCarty shows her little creation, as she pushes open a door with her finger to reveal a detailed 1:12 scale miniature set design of Monica’s kitchen from the popular 1990s television series.

“Inside you’ll see a tiny replica of the turkey and trifle from the show,” McCarty told Storyful, before adding that she loves watching the sitcom.

McCarty said that this particular miniature – an homage to Season 5, Episode 8, “The One With All the Thanksgivings" – took about a month to make, and that she spent about eight to 10 hours working on it daily.

“It feels like I’ve been making miniatures my whole life, but I started building miniature sets about a year ago,” McCarty said, adding that she “wanted to create iconic scenes from people’s favorite shows so that it would connect with the fans.” Credit: Bridget McCarty via Storyful

Video transcript