Artist Builds Tribute to Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin Using Rubik's Cubes

An artist in New Jersey who uses Rubik’s Cubes in his work created a tribute to Buffalo Bills football player Damar Hamlin after the athlete suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during a game on Monday, January 2, against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dylan Sadiq, also known as ‘The College Cuber’, recorded this timelapse video showing him building the artwork at his studio in Bayonne.

Sadiq told Storyful that a typical mosaic takes him three hours to complete. Sadiq said he’s a fan of the Bills, but also creates images of athletes “from all sports teams and leagues.”

The Buffalo Bills said on Wednesday that Hamlin was still in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but said “signs of improvement” had been noted on Tuesday and overnight. Credit: Dylan Sadiq via Storyful

Video transcript