Articulated lorry smashes into car making a right turn across dual-carriageway in Thailand

Shocking CCTV footage shows an articulated lorry smashing into a car that was making a right turn across a motorway.

Pickup driver Kriengsak Jukhiew, 26, said he was heading to the neighboring district when the speeding truck hit the rear end of his car in Kampheang Phet, northern Thailand on April 29.

He said: "I did not notice the trailer coming because my field of sight was blocked by another car."

Meanwhile, truck driver Paradon Thongsiri, 31, said he could not hit the brake in time because the his vehicle was already too close.

He said: "I warned him by honking but he did not stop. I had to veer to the side, but I could not make it, then I crashed."

Mueang Kamphaeng Phet police station Lieutenant Chalakorn Konkham said no one was injured by the incident and they will further investigate all the witnesses and check the CCTV footage again.

He said: ''This was a bad crash but it could have been much worse. Fortunately nobody was injured and the insurance companies of each driver will resolve the damages.''