New art for Dying Light 2 dev's next game suggests parkour might return


Dying Light 2's developer has teased their next project with new concept art and what could well be the return of parkour elements.

Earlier today, on March 16, Techland tweeted just below, revealing a first glimpse at the studio's narrative-driven fantasy game. That sounds like quite the departure from Dying Light at first, but given the positioning of the sole character in the new concept art, it could well be that climbing and parkour elements could feature in the fantasy game.

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We can see the character scaling what looks like a massive tree, glancing down at a valley below them, adorned with pretty simple stone structures. You get a sense of verticality from this concept art and considering Dying Light's history with cityscapes, this isn't a far cry from what Techland has focused on before with the horror series.

Techland first announced this new project last year in May 2022, shortly after Dying Light 2 first launched. Back then, the new game was billed as a "fully next-gen experience," seemingly leaving last-gen consoles behind in the dust, and as a "fantasy epic," which the new artwork is riffing off of.

We did get a new look at the game via concept art last year, but today is the first time we're seeing a major indication of verticality or scaling structures. Considering how great Dying Light's parkour system was across two games, we'd imagine this is good news to many players out there.

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