Arnold Schwarzenegger detained at Munich airport over imported watch

Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained by customs officials at Munich airport on Wednesday 17 January after failing to declare a luxury watch.

German authorities found an Audemars Piguet wristwatch in luggage belonging to the 76-year-old former Governor of California and Terminator star.

According to reports in Bild, Schwarzenegger told authorities that he intends to auction off the custom-made watch at an event this weekend.

A representative for the Munich customs office told the newspaper: “We have initiated criminal tax proceedings. The watch should have been registered because it is an import.”

The spokesperson added: “If the goods remain in the EU, you have to pay tax and duty on them. That applies to everyone.” They declined to say exactly how long Schwarzenegger was being held for, saying simply: “That takes a bit of time.”

However, they added that the actor and politician would soon be able to resume his journey to Austria. Schwarzenegger was reportedly on his way to a charity auction to benefit climate initiatives, and also has plans to attend the Hahnenkamm ski race in the village of Kitzbühel in the Austrian Alps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in London in October 2023 (Getty Images for Fane)
Arnold Schwarzenegger in London in October 2023 (Getty Images for Fane)

Last year, Schwarzenegger was sued over a January 2022 car crash, which reportedly left a woman “permanently disabled”.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Cheryl Augustine claimed she was driving near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue in Los Angeles when she was struck by Schwarzenegger’s car.

The lawsuit accused him of driving “wrongfully and recklessly”.

As a result, Ms Augustine claims she sustained “shock and injury to her nervous system”, and that her injuries “will result in some permanent disability”.

The lawsuit, also obtained by The Blast, claims the woman has been unable to work since the car crash and has “suffered out-of-pocket property damage, loss of use of her automobile, and incurred other out-of-pocket expenses in an amount not known”.

She is seeking damages to cover her medical bills and property damage, among other items.

The incident at the centre of the lawsuit unfolded on 21 January 2022, when Schwarzenegger was driving a Yukon SUV in the area around half a mile from his home.

TMZ reported that Schwarzenegger’s SUV collided with a red Prius at around 4.35pm that afternoon.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that the actor had gone to turn left before the left turn arrow on the traffic lights switched from red to green.

No arrests were made and police did not believe any alcohol or drugs were involved, ABC7 reported.