Army Official Gives Update on Afghan Baby Girl Born on US Aircraft

A United States European Command official gave an update on an Afghan baby girl born on a US aircraft after her mother was evacuated from Afghanistan via Qatar, in a video, saying the girl had been Reach after the call sign of the aircraft.

The US Air Mobility Command said that during the flight on August 21, “the mother went into labor and began having complications. The aircraft commander decided to descend in altitude to increase air pressure in the aircraft, which helped stabilize and save the mother’s life.”

The Air Mobility Command said that upon landing, airmen came aboard and delivered the child in the cargo bay of the aircraft.

Reach is one of three babies born amid evacuations from Afghanistan, General Tod Wolters said. The other two other babies were delivered at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, an overseas military hospital operated by the United States Army in Germany. “All babies are good,” General Wolters said.

“As you can well imagine, being an air force fighter pilot, it’s my dream to watch that young child called Reach grow up and be a US citizen and fly United States air force fighters in our air force,” General Wolters told reporters. Credit: US European Command via Storyful

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