Army drivers hit the road to tackle UK fuel drama

Military personnel have been deployed in a bid to help tackle the UK's fuel crisis.

Uniformed soldiers were seen arriving at one BP oil depot near London on Monday (October 4) morning.

Panic buying of fuel amid reports of a truck driver shortage has triggered chaotic scenes across the country.

Long queues built up at many filling stations, with reports of fights between drivers in some locations.

By Monday the situation was reported to be improving.

But the Petrol Retailers Association said about 22% of filling stations in and around London were still without fuel.

The organization said it might take a week to 10 days to get stocks back up to normal.

Ministers have repeatedly denied that the driver shortage has anything to do with Brexit, saying it's a global problem.

However, neighboring European countries have not seen any queues at gas stations.

Finance minister Rishi Sunak says the army drivers are being deployed just as a precaution.

He has predicted that the situation will resolve itself.

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