Armored Core 6's target lock makes you miss more shots than it helps you hit

 Armored Core 6 Rusty
Armored Core 6 Rusty

It turns out locking onto targets in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon will actually decrease your accuracy in certain situations.

Earlier this week, FromSoftware expert and lore historian VaatiVidya put out the video just below, revealing 25 details about Armored Core 6 that aren't commonly known. Around the four minute and 30 second mark, VaatiVidya reveals that enabling target lock in Armored Core 6 seriously isn't all its cracked up to be.

By running some tests on moving targets, VaatiVidya has concluded that locking onto moving targets actually decreases your overall accuracy. The YouTuber ran tests at close range, medium range, and long range using an assault rifle as their weapon, firing off bullets at the same mech, that would jump up and down at the distance set.

VaatiVidya reveals that at 50 meters, 0.018% of the assault rifle's bullets missed the moving target when target lock was disabled. This figure jumps up to 12% with target lock enabled on the same moving target at the same distance, which flies in the face of just about every logic you assume in Armored Core 6.

At 100 meters, 27% of shots missed with target lock disabled, compared to a huge 47% of shots missing the same target when the target lock was turned on. That's nearly half the bullets from an assault rifle missing their target at just 100 meters when target lock is toggled on, a wild statistic which will probably change how a lot of people play FromSoftware's latest.

The strange thing is that there isn't really any rhyme or reason for Armored Core 6's target lock worsening aim for players - it's just like that. Perhaps this is something that FromSoftware could tweak down the road, provided enough players cotton onto the strange aspect.

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