Armored Core 6 release time revealed - and PC is launching early

 Armored Core 6 preview
Armored Core 6 preview

The Armored Core 6 release time has been revealed for regions around the world ahead of launch.

FromSoftware's brand new mech game technically isn't meant to launch until tomorrow, August 25. However, as you can see from the handy map below, there are ways to unlock the game early through the official Armored Core 6 release times that FromSoftware has set up.

Armored Core 6 release time

Beginning on the West Coast, the Armored Core 6 release time is either 9pm PT for consoles, or a whole six hours earlier at 3pm PT for PC. Similarly, the launch times for Armored Core 6 on the East Coast are set for midnight on consoles, but six hours earlier at 6pm ET for those on PC.

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As for players in the middle of America, there's a similar time disparity across platforms. Armored Core 6 unlocks at 10pm MT and 11pm CT on consoles, and six hours earlier on PC, translating to a launch time of 4pm MT and 5pm CT.

European players aren't so lucky, however. The Armored Core 6 release time is midnight for UK players on consoles, and merely one hour earlier at 11pm BST for PC players. The platforms get even closer in timing when venturing to central Europe, as FromSoftware's new game launches at midnight on both PC and consoles alike.

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Armored Core 6 will feature multiple endings, FromSoftware revealed earlier this week, as well as hidden mech customization parts that are only unlocked through finding and conquering hidden bosses.