Armie Hammer Reflects on His Glorious, Short-Lived Handlebar Mustache

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From Esquire

If you grow facial hair at a reasonable clip, this is probably something you do every time you shave: Before you whittle it down, you give yourself mutton chops. Or a pencil stache. A goatee. Just for fun. Or you go for the big one… a handlebar mustache. And if you’re as gutsy as Armie Hammer, you keep it.

“I love that mustache so much,” Hammer says of his all-timer of a selfie. (Cap: “Killing the game.”) “I’d had the handlebar before, but this time it just happened to stick a little bit longer. And by a little bit longer I mean months.”

Following the debut of his Netlfix mystery-romance film, Rebecca, Hammer sat down with us for a round of “I Hate Watching Myself,” where celebrities run through their best (and cringiest) moments. In the video, Hammer breaks down his oft-memed Call Me By Your Name boogie, talks about the time he met Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and admits to taking home the COVID-blocking space suit he wore on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I think I was the first guest to come back into the studio in seven months of lockdown,” Hammer says, bringing out the costume itself for the camera to see. “And, you know, just staying true to character—this was the space suit I brought on to Jimmy Kimmel. So I stole it.”

If you enjoyed Armie's "I Hate Watching Myself," you'll probably enjoy Liam Payne watching some deep-cut One Direction clips, too. And let that handlebar mustache stick around a couple days, if you dare.

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