Arise, Sir Tom: UK's veteran fundraiser, 100, to be knighted

In a dark time for the nation, for many Brits, Captain Tom Moore has been a ray of sunshine.

Now the 100-year old war vet, who raised more than 33 million pounds, that's 40 million US dollars, for the National Health Service, is to be knighted.

He'll be 'Sir Tom' after a special nomination from Prime Minsiter Boris Johnson.

"I'm still Tom Moore. I mean it's nice, it's nice. I think Sir Thomas sounds very nice, but inside I haven't changed. Nothing's changed inside."

Moore raised the record sum by painstakingly completing 100 laps of his garden in central England with the aid of a walking frame.

He became a symbol of British endurance in the face of adversity.

Now he's looking forward to his meeting with the Queen.

"I'm hoping by then I should be able to walk properly. Otherwise, I thought how am I going to manage in a wheelchair? And how do I get down on one knee? Because if I get down I can't get up!"

Raised in Yorkshire in northern England, Moore served in Burma and Sumatra in World War Two.

His knighthood just another chapter in a long and extraordinary life.