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Monday 24, February

The Moon and Neptune join up in your dream zone today, Aries. No wonder you have zero desire to focus on anything mundane or task-oriented. You would love nothing more than to drift, dream and escape into a fantasyland of your own creation. If a getaway near the ocean or at least your favourite bathtub is possible, jump on it. If you can't do it now, merely booking a trip to a seaside locale can make you feel great right now.

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Sunday 23, February

The New Moon in Pisces is here today and it’s speaking to the deepest depths of your soul, Aries. Your house of dreams is lit up now, so set intentions for your next six months of creative output and psychological health. Seed your imagination with what it takes to make something exceptional by late summer.

Saturday 22, February

The dark-of-the-moon is in full effect today, and it probably feels even more intense because it’s hitting your house of dreams. Your psyche is wide-awake and you’re noticing every thought, feeling, and sense memory that comes through. Observe it all, Aries, because you can use it for deep healing over the next six months.

Friday 21, February

Your ruler is very active today, Aries, so if you feel riled up and ready to take on the world, there’s a good reason for it. Even though Uranus brings an electric charge to Mars early in the day, Chiron steps in later on, bringing a deeply healing energy to the mix. The harder you work, the more self-care you deserve this weekend.

Thursday 20, February

A refreshing sextile between lucky Jupiter and mystical Neptune brings a bit of optimism back to your life late this week, Aries. The retrograde is certainly causing a lot of havoc and potentially making you forgetful. This will ground you and remind you that everything will be ok in the long run.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in serious-minded Capricorn today, bringing back some clarity that might’ve been lost in recent days. If details have escaped you and your thoughts have been scattered, this opportunity to focus relentlessly on your career should be a welcome gift. Your professional life is highlighted at the moment.

Tuesday 18, February

The Sun shifts into Pisces late tonight, steeping you in four weeks of dreamy astrology. With solar energy drifting through your house of retreat, you may want to hang back from the action a bit, especially while Mercury is retrograde in the same sign through the 4th. Dive deep into your imagination and see what you find there, Aries.

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