Ariana Grande Takes On the Tiny Bag Trend With the Cutest Mini Backpack

Kelsey Stiegman
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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Seventeen

Ariana Grande might be one of the only people I know of who *actually* wore jeans during quarantine. While the rest of us were shifting our wardrobes to a sweats-only type of aesthetic, Ari stayed serving us style inspiration the whole entire year.

Just this week, in fact, the pop star served up yet another stunning look – a new variation of her favorite ensemble. She went pantsless (same), wearing nothing but an oversized hoodie (also, same) and lace-up over-the-knee boots.

Photo credit: SAL/GIO / BACKGRID
Photo credit: SAL/GIO / BACKGRID

The look was a vibe in itself, but then she popped on some sickening accessories I'm trying to copy ASAP. Leveling up the look several notches, Ari finished with a plain black mask, XL sunglasses, and a $2.6k mini backpack from Louis Vuitton.

Do you hear that?! Yep, it's the sound of me screenshotting to copy this later.

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