Ariana Grande Just Showed Off Her Natural Curls and They Are Absolutely Thriving RN

Starr Bowenbank
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Ariana Grande posted a picture of herself on Instagram flaunting her natural curls.
  • As any casual Ariana fan knows, this is a rare occurrence to see her without the signature ponytail!

Stop whatever it is you're doing RIGHT NOW, because we have a new Ariana Grande hairstyle on our hands! Yes, Arianators, believe it— Ari no longer has her signature sky-high ponytail burning a hole into her head at the moment, and we have our current pandemic to thank for that. Who knew there was a teeny silver lining to all of this??

On Instagram yesterday, Ari decided to bless us all with a grainy, yet tastefully done webcam picture of herself flaunting her natural curls. I repeat—Natural! Curls! And because she knew friends and fans alike were going to flip TF out, she captioned the pic "get a load a dis," which her 178 million followers did indeed.

Anyway, prepare to drool over Ari's new look in 3, 2, aaaaand 1:

As you can see, Ari's serving us ethereal garden fairy realness rn, and I for one am not complaining! The last time fans got a peek of her natural hair was back in August last year, when she gave her signature pony a rest during her Sweetener tour. Josh Liu (Ari's hairstylist at the time) was the one who gave us a look at Curly Ari via Instagram, writing "natural curls coming in strong with a little TLC." Fast forwarding to now, we can totally see that extra TLC has truly paid off.

So Ari, if you're reading this right now...I think I speak for fans everywhere when I ask you to please let down your long curly hair more often. We deserve to see it!

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