Ariana Grande Ended Her Feud With Piers Morgan, but Her Fans Aren't Thrilled

Alexandra Whittaker
Photo credit: Piers Morgan - Twitter
Photo credit: Piers Morgan - Twitter

From Cosmopolitan

  • Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan really did not get along and had a whole internet feud after he accused her of using "nudity to sell records," but good news! It's over.

  • The two apparently got dinner together in Los Angeles last night, so I guess they're friends now? Some of her fans have mixed feelings about that...

Let's be real, it's been an obscenely dramatic 24 hours in the world of celebrity news (breakups! cheating allegations! betrayals galore!), so it's nice to report that at least one celeb feud has officially ended. Only it's not one we expected.

Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan famously went toe-to-toe in a Twitter fight when he accused her of selling records with her nudity rather her talent (not okay for so many reasons), but now they're cool, I guess? Piers posted a pic of them buddying up at a Los Angeles restaurant last night, where they apparently talked for hours and hours.

It started with Piers tweeting this out, which confused TF out of Ariana's fans:

Her Twitter followers were even more confused when Ariana responded.

But she was quick to clarify what went down.

Piers was too, and he even posted photographic evidence that he and Ariana are basically best buds now.

Honestly it's kind of a nice repose from the absolute mayhem that is celebrity news on this day of our Lord, February 20, 2019, but Ariana's fans have all kinds of mixed feelings about it.

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