Argument Breaks Out at London Filling Station Over Cutting in Line Amid Shortages

An argument broke out at a filling station in London on September 28, as a man was believed to have jumped the line for gasoline amid nationwide shortages.

Twitter user @LPGLDN said station workers refused to serve a man because he had not queued, leading to a verbal altercation.

“More fighting at London’s petrol station amid fuel crisis, despite [Boris Johnson] assuring us on the [ITV News] today that all is well! I had queued for 90 mins and then this guy tried to push in. Other customers said nope! Petrol garage refused to serve him in the end,” @LPGLDN wrote on Twitter.

Long queues and empty pumps at UK petrol stations have been seen for several days after the BBC reported a delivery driver shortage was causing the supply problems, prompting motorists across the country to stock up, the Times reported.

The BBC report said it was estimated the UK had a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers, causing disruption to deliveries in a number of industries.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the fuel crisis was “stabilizing” on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the UK government said “British Army tanker drivers will be brought to a state of readiness in order to be deployed if required to deliver fuel,” according to reports. Credit: @LPGLDN via Storyful

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