Argentine soccer fans go wild for World Cup stickers

STORY: Argentine soccer fans are on the hunt for World Cup stickers

which have driven the already sport-mad country into a frenzy

and left many shops with no stock left to sell ahead of the tournament in Qatar

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Exequiel Claverie has three children who are fans of local club River Plate

(Exequiel Claverie, Media professional )

“The shortage of stickers is complicated. There aren't stickers anywhere. On one hand there is my frustration of not being able to buy them, and then I arrive home every day (to my children) saying: 'Hey dad, did you buy stickers?' "

Sticker manufacturer Italy's Panini says many adults are also collecting stickers this year

which is adding to the demand

The suggested price of a package of five stickers is 150 pesos ($1)

but the shortage has led to prices doubling or tripling in informal markets