Argentine mines cryptocurrencies to build his house

STORY: This young Argentine managed to build a house

thanks to cryptocurrency mining

Location: Escobar, Argentina

Sebastian Carsorio started learning how to mine digital currency

after he assembled a computer from donated hardware components

(Sebastian Carsorio / Crypto miner) "A year and eight months had passed, and I was tight with money for rent, electricity, and water. I began to look for information on how much cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, were worth because at that time I was not mining bitcoin. I only mined what I could with the hardware I had."

Carsorio has made over $180,000 since he began mining crypto

and went from living in a cardboard house

to buying land and building a one-floor house

"I will keep mining because it still serves as a method for saving. So it's there, always active, because mining saved me several times when my budget was tight.”

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