Argentina makes 'world's largest Neapolitan Milanese'

STORY: Is this the world’s largest Neapolitan Milanese?

Location: Lujan, Argentina

Argentina says it’s made the biggest breaded beef steak

measuring 13 feet long by 10 feet wide

and weighing 2,000 pounds

Date: May 2, 2022

The breaded beef steak is one of Argentina's most beloved dishes

and is based on the Italian ‘Milanese’ made from veal cutlets

There is even a 'Milanesa' day on May 3 to commemorate the dish

[Cristian Ibarlucia, Project Manager / La Milanesa Record]

“There is no other breaded Milanese made from top round cutlets in the world. We checked in the Guinness World Records and other certification agencies in the world, there was nothing. So we decided to certify it via a public notary which, starting from tomorrow, facilitates us to certify it with the Guinness World Records or any other entity we choose.”

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