Argentina hosts World Tango Championship final

These couples competed in the World Tango Championship final

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Salon competition was won by Agustin Agnez and Barbara Ferreyra

SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) WINNER OF SALON CATEGORY, BARBARA FERREYRA, SAYING: "For me it's been the present of a lifetime, knowing that it's my birthday and to be able to do what I love most, after having spent so much time not dancing. And to show our tango and our art to the world and to come out as champions in one of the categories, it's a present from God, from the universe."

Emmanuel Casal and Yanina Muzyka won the Stage category

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) WINNER OF STAGE CATEGORY, YANINA MUZYKA, SAYING: "I personally thought we came out with new ideas, to try to do something that is us, that is current, so we could reach out to the youth"


"For the youth to see that it's not the same tango that our grandparents danced. There is that essence but I am painted in green. A new take can be done, you can dance to the language of the music. Youth have to return and embrace tango."

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