Argentina customer gets upset with employee and starts trashing the store

A client's attack on an employee, Queteaut, of Haitian origin went viral in a business of Maipú in the center of Rosario, Argentina. Allegedly, the client was upset when the cigarette brand she wanted to buy was not available. The client begins to mistreat Queteaut, calling her names and later throwing the stocked merchandise to the floor. The employee then throws a bottle at the customer, and she returned to throw the bottle back. In the video, one can hear the employee say in Spanish, "I'm scared." Queteaut and her brother run the business. "She came to buy loose cigarettes, I told her that we only had menthol... she began to discriminate against me, to call me a dirty black woman," Queteaut said in audible Spanish. "What she told me hurts a lot, I'm afraid that she will come back and treat me like that again, to hit me, or do something to me."