Archer Aviation unveils electric flying taxi

This flying taxi is getting ready for takeoff

Archer Aviation has unveiled its first electric flying taxi "Maker"

Date: June 8, 2021


"People are stuck on the ground. There's a lot of congestion and these vehicles can take off and land vertically, which means they don't need a lot of infrastructure. So you don't have to drive an hour to an airport. You can use what we call a 'vertiport' or a retrofitted parking structure that can be used to have these vehicles take off and land. So these 'vertiports' can be put in and around cities or really anywhere."

The taxis can fly at 150 miles per hour

covering distances up to 60 miles

Entry-level price is $3-$4 per passenger mile

The company expects to launch “Maker” commercially in 2024

It's in the process of certifying the aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration

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