Archaeologists Recover 1,200-Year-Old Canoe from Lake Mendota in Wisconsin

Archaeologists recovered a 1,200-year-old dugout wood canoe from the bottom of a lake in Madison, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, November 2.

This footage, filmed by the Wisconsin Historical Society, shows several diving teams working to pull the vessel from Lake Mendota.

According to the historical society, the recovery team used floatation bags to raise the canoe to the lake’s surface, and by 1:30 pm on Tuesday afternoon, “the artefact was removed from the water via a nearby beach.”

Christian Overland, CEO for the Wisconsin Historical Society said that “the canoe is a remarkable artefact, made from a single tree, that connects us to the people living in this region 1,200 years ago.”

The canoe was transported to a preservation facility where it was placed into storage containing water and a bio-deterrent to protect the canoe from physical deterioration. Credit: Wisconsin Historical Society via Storyful

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