Arabic calligraphy workshop inspires the people of Basra

STORY: This workshop hopes to revive the art of

handwriting in the digital age

An Arabic calligraphy expert offers free

courses to young people

He aims to inspire them to take up the

tradition in different styles

[Khudair Abbas Al-azzawi, Head of The Iraqi Cultural Centre]

"Modernity, technology and the world of the internet and social media have affected this (handwriting and calligraphy) a lot, and this is why we have to promote art. Because the font on the computer does not have an artistic touch. This is why we have to bring out the beauty of the Arabic letter through our handwritings, with all its rules and points."

[Aouda Nahi, Course participant]

"We are currently having a course on the Ruq'ah (calligraphic) font because it is the simplest type of script and it takes a beginner less practice to master it, it is easier than other scripts. It takes less time to learn it. The other scripts are difficult, so they take more time to learn."

[Dalfa Daoud, Course participant]

"I use it and write calligraphy at home. I used to write on small sheets of paper. Now I write on a large piece of paper and put it in my room. It is beautiful. There are people who bought my calligraphy. The church bought them. I participated with them in a bazaar, so they bought it a lot. This encouraged me more."