The Arab women stitching new life into clothes

These women in Lebanon are giving old clothes a new lease of life

They're using a technique inspired by Palestinian embroidery

to upcycle garments from the UK, Austria, and Switzerland

The project is a collaboration between Syrian refugee Fatima Khalifa

and London graduate Larissa Von Planta

FATIMA KHALIFA: "This work is a release for us, it releases the tension that we are living through. We are far away from our homelands, we are far away from families, we have lost people in wars and we live in a camp where living is in itself is an achievement."

LARISSA VON PLANTA: "It has been so moving to see the reactions of people who received their clothes. We are not used to waiting anymore so first of all you wait about a month and half to get it back and there is this excitement,

The project hopes to give the women a steady income

alongside reducing garment waste