Apple Vision Pro — new viral trend is catching people wearing Apple's headset exactly where they shouldn’t

 Apple Vision Pro on table.
Apple Vision Pro on table.

Apple Vision Pro users are starting to pop up in the wild after Apple's highly anticipated (and expensive) mixed-reality headset hit stores on Friday. And folks on social media are having a ball with all the footage that's been pouring in capturing the antics of early adopters running erands, working out, and even driving while wearing the Apple Vision Pro. Warning: Don't try this at home.

For the uninitiated, the Vision Pro is a spatial computing headset that combines augmented reality experiences and virtual reality. It's particularly revolutionary for its ease of use. There are no controllers to deal with; instead, its interface relies on tracking your eye and hand movements to navigate. Even though its battery life of two and a half hours doesn't make it particularly suited for a jaunt around town, Vision Pro users wasted no time taking the device out into the wild.

While Apple designed the Vision Pro to "seamlessly blend digital content with your physical space," I can't imagine they ever intended it to be worn during certain tasks, such as while driving a Tesla, as one user was shown doing in a Tiktok video over the weekend.

In another inadvisable use case, a second video showed someone wearing the headset while climbing a stair-stepper at the gym. Various footage showed people around the country using the Vision Pro while they ran errands, rode public transportation, or crossed the street. One user made the baffling decision to wear the headset to their courtside seats at the Boston Celtics vs. Memphis Grizzlies basketball game, as shared by USA Today. Another was spotted using the Vision Pro while riding the subway.

You can check out a few of the videos, as well as the public's reactions to the Apple Vision Pro, below.

The iPhone maker's new VR/AR headset, which comes with an eyewatering $3,500 price tag, launched with over 600 games and apps specifically designed to incorporate its 3D video, spatial experiences and gesture controls. That includes high-profile deals with some of the best streaming services like Disney Plus, which offers immersive environments on the Vision Pro that put users in iconic movie locations like Avengers Tower or the cockpit of Luke Skywalker's land speeder. We're likely to see Apple continue to release more apps in the coming months as it brings more content to its mixed-reality headset.

As we said in our Apple Vision Pro review, the headset is arguably the most innovative Apple product since the original iPhone. That said, it’s not alone as the similar (and cheaper at $999) Meta Quest Pro is already firmly established on the market. Though the Apple Vision Pro’s compatibility with the best iPhonesbest iPadsbest MacBooks and more could make it more appealing to folks invested in the Apple ecosystem.

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