Apple unveils new iPhone, extreme sports watch

STORY: “As you can see, we’re going bigger with iPhone 14 and even bigger with iPhone14+”

Apple CEO Tim Cook led the charge Wednesday, unveiling new iPhone models capable of using satellites to send emergency messages, as well as adventure-focused watches and updated AirPods.

“We designed and built custom components and specific software so that iPhone14 antennas can connect to satellites’ unique frequencies.”

During the event - dubbed “far out” – Apple said its new satellite SOS feature will help users send and receive messages with first responders even if there’s no cell service.

“We created a custom short text algorithm to reduce the average size of messages by a factor of three. Thanks to this algorithm, it can take less than 15 seconds to send a message if you have a clear view of the sky.”

Shares in Globalstar jumped 20% on Wednesday after announcing it will be the satellite operator for Apple's emergency SOS service.

The iPhone 14 also comes with a new crash detection feature, and an improved camera.

But will users flock to the new models in the face of rising inflation? The iPhone 14 will start at $799 and the iPhone Plus at $899.

A trio of new of watches were also unveiled, including the high-end Apple Watch Ultra, aimed at extreme sports and scuba diving, and starting at $799.

“Apple Watch Ultra is an essential tool for essentially anything…”

“Anything” – in the case of Apple’s new Series 8 watch - means adding a temperature sensor that works with an app to retroactively detect ovulation.

While privacy might be an issue for some, Apple maintains it does not have the ability to decrypt users’ health data.