Apple to reveal host of new iPads and computers in spring, report says

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Apple is planning to launch a host of new iPads and Macs in spring, according to a new report.

The company will add a bigger version of the iPad Air as well as updates to the iPad Pro, according to a new Bloomberg report. This year, Apple did not update any of its tablets at all.

The new tablets will include the first major redesign for the iPad Pro since 2018, according to the same report. It was the first iPad Pro that year that brought a new, flat-sided design to Apple’s tablet line-up, and that has now been rolled out across all of its iPads.

The iPhone has already moved on slightly from the very square design of the iPads. This year’s iPhone 15 rounded the edges and brought a new titanium material, both of which could potentially be used on the iPad line-up as well.

As well as iPads, Apple will unveil updated versions of both the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air, the same report said. That will bring the consumer version of the M3 chip to both computers.

The M3 was first revealed in its more powerful and more expensive Max and Pro forms in the new MacBook Pro. That was launched during Apple’s “Scary Fast” event that was held at the end of October.

The new report gave little information on when those products would actually be unveiled, but said they would come in early 2024.

Both the iPad and MacBook lines have shown slightly sluggish sales in recent months. Some have speculated that may be the result of a lack of updates to some products in the line-up, as well as laptop buyers remaining happy with older computers.