Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus debuts in Malaysia — What’s good?

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 — The iPhone 14 Plus officially becomes available in Malaysia today.

While the iPhone 14 and the two iPhone Pro models were already on sale from September 23, this slightly late arrival to the iPhone 14 lineup might be for some the iPhone they were waiting for.

What is the iPhone 14 Plus anyway?

It’s basically the bigger-sized alternative to the iPhone 14. Think the same processor but a much larger (6.7-inch) display and with that a larger battery.

What’s the difference with the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

The Pro Max comes with a fancier ProMotion display with a higher refresh rate that also comes with an Always-On display.

As for the Plus, it has an upsized Pro Retina OLED screen that is fairly bright and high-resolution minus extra bells and whistles.

You also won’t get the Dynamic Island pill-shaped cutout display that is exclusive to the Pro versions.

What would be this phone’s appeal?

Nice as they are, the Pro features on the iPhone 14 Pro models would probably be more useful for power users or creatives.

The regular iPhone 14 and 14 Plus offer a lot of power with their A15 Bionic chips that are equivalent to last year’s iPhone 13 Pro models.

As the display on the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t use up as much power as compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, theoretically you would get more battery staying power.

Who is this for, really?

If the base models of the iPhone lineup suit your needs but you always wished for a larger screen as well as more juice in the battery, the iPhone Plus might be your dream come true.

A full review will come later to size up the iPhone 14 Plus experience.

Where do I get it?

It’s already available for order online and at third-party retailers with new light blue and light purple shades added to the usual Midnight, Starlight and (Product) RED options with prices starting from RM4,699 for 128GB, RM5,199 for 256GB and RM6,199 for 512GB.