Apple iOS 17.1.1 is out: Here’s what it fixes on your iPhone

 Apple iPhone 15 held in the hand.
Apple iPhone 15 held in the hand.

Apple launched its iOS 17.1.1 update on Wednesday (Nov. 8) with a couple of fixes that aim at tackling some annoying bugs users were finding in iOS 17.1.

The update, which is available now through an over-the-air patch, doesn’t include any new features. Instead, Apple said that its update addresses a glitch that didn’t allow for the Weather Lock Screen widget to properly display its snow icon.

An even bigger gripe for BMW users, specifically, the update also patches a bug that saw some of the iPhone’s NFC features, like Apple Pay, break after BMW owners wirelessly charged the handset in their vehicles.

Apple’s update, which is also available to iPad owners in iPadOS 17.1.1, comes a week after iOS 17.1 users took to Reddit, MacRumors, and other online forums where they complained about the BMW glitch. In some cases, users said charging their iPhones on their BMW’s wireless charging pad rendered their digital key inoperable. BMW owners have the option to use a digital key in their iPhone Wallet instead of a physical key to operate their vehicles. If that breaks and they don’t have a physical key on them, they can’t move their cars.

That said, most of the problems appeared to be specific to iPhone 15 lineup users. Those using the iPhone 14 or other models didn’t appear to have the same problem.

While the iOS 17.1.1 update was decidedly small and targeted, Apple’s next anticipated launch won’t be.

Apple’s iOS 17.2 is currently in beta form and is reportedly slated for release soon. In addition to bug fixes, including a patch that will once again allow Android users to connect to an iPhone hotspot, the update promises the launch of Apple’s Journal app, which will act a diary of sorts for users to share their feelings and experiences to improve their mental health. Apple is also promising improvements to the Action button, along with a security update to Messages that will verify that the person with whom a user is interacting is truly that person.

Apple Music, meanwhile, will get a new automatic favorites playlist based on songs users have marked as their favorites, along with the ability to create collaborative playlists with others.

Apple hasn’t announced when iOS 17.2 will be available, but based on past release schedules, all signs point to a November launch date.

In the meantime, especially if you’re a BMW owner or expecting snow anytime soon, download iOS 17.1.1 now.

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