Apple Includes ‘Reality One’ Name In Trademark Filings For Mixed-Reality Headset

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Apple Mixed-Reality Headset Trademark
Apple Mixed-Reality Headset Trademark

Apple is laying the groundwork for its highly anticipated mixed-reality headset and has filed for trademarks via third parties, as per a a new report by Bloomberg.

The report says that Apple has applied for trademarks for three names — ‘Reality One,’ ‘Reality Pro’ and ‘Reality Processor.’ The trademark applications were filed in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, European Union, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, the UK and the US.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset would pit the company directly against Meta and Google. While Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta is already well on its path with VR headsets, Google is reportedly working on a mixed-reality device under the codename ‘Project Iris.’

How Apple filed trademarks for mixed-reality headset

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The Bloomberg report says that the filings were not done directly by Apple.

“They follow a pattern that the iPhone maker has used in the past—including relying on law firms that the company has previously enlisted to lock down brands,” says the report.

According to the report all the new trademarks are registered to a shell company named Immersive Health Solutions LLC, incorporated in February 2022.

Since the trademarks are yet to be approved, Apple currently doesn’t have ownership of the names. It is also not necessary that the mixed-reality products by Apple will carry the names even if the trademarks are approved.

What is expected of the Apple mixed-reality headset

It has long been speculated that the mixed-reality headset by Apple will combine the features of both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices.

Apple plans to release its first mixed-reality headset by the end of 2023. This headset is codenamed N301. The company is also reportedly working on follow-up devices to N301, which is being referred to as ‘Reality’ within the company.

Bloomberg reports that another model, internally known as N602, and a lightweight pair of augmented-reality glasses known as N421 are also in works but won’t be released before the end of this decade.

A new OS for mixed-reality device

Apple already filed a trademark application for the ‘RealityOS’ name earlier this year, indicating its attempt at creating a unique operating system for its mixed reality headset — much like the watchOS for the Apple Watch range.

Interestingly, Apple hasn’t released a single new hardware category after the Apple Watch, which was launched seven years ago.

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