Apple’s Beats launches Studio Buds Plus – and makes them transparent


Beats has launched a new version of its Studio Buds – and has turned them transparent.

The Beats Studio Buds+ include a range of new features, including better noise cancellation sand a longer battery life.

But perhaps most notable is the addition of a transparent colour option, which allows users to see the electronics inside of both the buds and its charging case.

It marks the first time in years that Apple, which owns Beats, has launched a transparent product. Apple helped pioneer the popularity of see-through technology with its translucent iMac G3 in the late 1990s and early 2000s – being joined by a range of other companies such as Nintendo’s translucent Gameboys – but interest in the design gradually faded away.

In recent years, however, some companies have embraced the design once more. New brand Nothing, for instance, has made not only entirely transparent headphones but a see-through phone, too.

Now Apple has released its own new transparent look for the Beats Studio Buds+. The design is thought to be partly inspired by mockups that Beats had initially created so that it could explain the insides of the products – but which led to comments that indicated customers might want a real version of the product too.

The original version of the Studio Buds is Beats’s most popular product. The new upgrades largely keep the same design from that product, but improve some of its features.

The new upgrades include technical changes as well as design improvements that will improve both the battery life and the performance. They also include some other important change,s such as new ear tip options to ensure that they fit better in more people’s ears.

“As our fastest-selling product ever since its launch, Beats Studio Buds are beloved earphones for so many people around the world and we’re thrilled to be taking them to the next level,” said Oliver Schusser, vice president of Beats and Apple Music, in a statement.

“With beautiful new colours to choose from and vast improvements to Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, call performance and battery life, Beats Studio Buds + deliver an unmatched combination of fashion and function for both iOS and Android consumers.”

Beats will continue to offer the Beats Fit Pro, which include a range of additional features such as better audio performance and the full benefits of Apple’s H1 chip. The Studio Buds+ use a different chip – but also have improved connection with Android devices.

The Beats Studio Buds+ will be available from 12 June, for £179.99.