Apparently You Should Be Stringing Lights on Your Christmas Tree Vertically, Not Wrapping Them Around

Isabel Garcia
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Photo credit: TikTok/ @lizlovery
Photo credit: TikTok/ @lizlovery

From House Beautiful

Forget everything you thought you knew about decking out your Christmas tree with sparkly string lights: These viral TikTok videos reveal why you should actually be putting your lights up vertically, instead of wrapping them around your tree.

In this video, TikTok user Liz Lovery (@lizlovery), demonstrates how to vertically string lights on your Christmas tree, while explaining all the benefits of this method. So what exactly are the pros? When you string them up and down, she says that you use less lights. Plus, if some lights go out, it's so much easier to change to them. While Lovery posted the video just four days ago, it already has 12 million views!

At the start of the video, Lovery says that she learned this "really cool" decorating hack from TikTok. And in the caption, Lovery specifically thanks TikTok user Clare Hooper (@mrsclarehoops) for the inspo behind this method of hanging lights. In Hooper's TikTok, which has racked up 2.3 million views, she explains that when decorating Christmas trees used to part of her job, she used the "zig zag" (vertical) method. She points out that hanging them vertically instead of coiling them means that you won't waste lights at the back of your tree.

Looking for more easy ways to decorate your Christmas tree now that you've got your lights covered? In this video, blogger Victoria Ford shows you how to trim your tree—whether real or artificial—in just three simple steps.

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