What is the 'Apex Legends' Grand Soirée?

The Grand Soirée event encourages players to make 'Apex Legends' part of their video games routine

A two-week event themed after a lavish evening party provides seven temporary game modes on 48-hour rotations and a wealth of eye-catching costumes.

Running until January 28, the "Apex Legends" Grand Soirée Arcade Event provides players with an opportunity to try out a clutch of limited-time game modes, earn a bunch of in-game rewards, and funnel more money into the studio's coffers by purchasing Art Deco cosmetics for their characters and equipment.

After all, if "Apex Legends" can encourage players to dip in for a bout of intense, adrenaline-pumping fun every couple of days, perhaps some of its revelers will keep up the habit once party time's over.

So what of its temporary game modes?

During the event's opening two days, Gold Rush Duos levelled the field by equipping all players with golden weapons, the game's roster of pre-prepared top-tier armaments, ushering combatants into high-stakes skirmishes.

Following that, Live.Die.Live (Jan 16-17) brings downed teammates back to life as matches move from one phase to another, and Third-Person Mode (Jan 18-19) gives everyone a new perspective on the game, with the various strategic and immersive adjustments that involves.

Always Be Closing (Jan 20-21) has a shrinking containment field that moves not in phases but on a continual basis, Armed and Dangerous (Jan 22-23) features long-range sniper rifles, close combat shotguns, and fragile armor on the game's second map, World's Edge, and King's Canyon After Dark (Jan 24-25) brings a nocturnal vibe to the "Apex" original map.

Rounding off the Grand Soirée is a mysterious three-day special called Dummie's Big Day (Jan 26-28), thought to be a horde mode featuring the game's training bots.

Enticing players back throughout are the new and rejigged game modes coupled with a progression system that doles out weapon skins, character costumes, and badges to the persistent; boosting advancement through that prize track is a mid-event Bonus Weekend held January 17-20.

And the Art Deco theme? It's visited upon weapon skins and character costumes, lending a proudly gleaming Dieselpunk style to the game's futuristic setting.

Once the event concludes on January 28, only a week remains until "Apex Legends" turns one year old on February 4, 2020.

Tangentially related to studio predecessors "Titanfall" (PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360) and "Titanfall 2" (PS4, XBO, PC), the game competes directly with free-to-play phenomenon "Fortnite" (mobile, PS4, XBO, PC, Switch) and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (free on mobile, paid on PS4, XBO and PC).