AOC shows support for calls to cancel Trump town hall on CNN after E Jean Carroll verdict

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York liked a series of tweets calling for CNN to cancel its scheduled town hall with former president Donald Trumpafter a jury found Mr Trump liable for her sexual abuse but not her rape.

The twice-impeached former president, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, is set to participate in a town hall on Wednesday. The event will be moderated by Kaitlan Collins.

But Ms Ocasio-Cortez, the outspoken democratic socialist and second-ranking Democrat on the House Oversight & Accountability Committee, liked a series of tweets saying CNN should not hold the town hall.

Ms Ocasio Cortez liked a tweet by Elie Mystal, a writer for The Nation, asking if CNN would host the event still.

“CNN is going to cancel the town hall instead of platforming a sexual predator, right? RIGHT? [/sweet summer child sarcasm off],” he tweeted.

She also liked a tweet from MSNBC Host Chris Hayes, on whose show she has regularly appeared.

“Very cool to give Trump a chance to defame this woman again on live national TV,” he tweeted.