AOC likely broke ‘impermissible gifts’ law with Met Gala appearance, says House ethics office

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likely broke the “impermissible gifts” law over a rented dress she wore to the 2021 Met Gala, says the House ethics office.

The board of the Office of Congressional Ethics has recommended that the House keep reviewing allegations against the Democratic lawmaker from New York, according to documents released on Thursday.

The allegations surround a white dress which featured the words “Tax the Rich” in red letters, which her office failed to pay for until the non-partisan ethics office asked about it.

The office found that the lawmaker’s office had not paid for the dress despite notices that stated payments were “EXTREMEMLY [sic] overdue.”

It was also discovered that her office had not paid a $477 bill for hair styling until February 2022, two days after the watchdog made contact about the issue.