AOC Asks Elon Musk Why Twitter Wiped Her Account History: ‘I Seem to Have Gotten Under a Certain Billionaire’s Skin’ (Video)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reported some suspicious Twitter activity in regards to her account last night and this morning.

“Also my twitter mentions/notifications conveniently aren’t working tonight, so I was informed via text that I seem to have gotten under a certain billionaire’s skin,” the congresswoman tweeted last night. “Just a reminder that money will never [buy] your way out of insecurity, folks.”

She also took to Instagram Thursday to describe the events on her story.

“I was at a community event in the Bronx in Coop city, and when I get home, I see a text from my team saying ‘Hey let us know if you need any help with this Elon stuff,’” she said. “And I was like ‘What?’ So I pull up my Twitter app, and it’s like, gone. Like when you pull up your mentions and stuff, it’s just like literally it’s a blank screen. Totally gone. And I was like ‘’Hmm, that’s weird.’ So it turns out we got under a certain little billionaire’s skin.”

Musk previously responded to AOC’s advertising of her Team AOC periwinkle supporter crew sweatshirt. Musk tweeted an image of the merchandise, circling the $58 price tag on the website.

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“So then, he decides to like tweet a screenshot of our campaign store because our sweatshirts are like $50 to $58 as some kind of like ‘Gotcha’ that like other people pay money for goods, emphasis on ‘real goods’ in the world,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “But here’s the thing is that unlike Elon Musk, all the workers with our campaign, our campaign is unionized. We pay full health care. We have other benefits like childcare stipends.”

Ocasio-Cortez also retweeted Musk’s tweet, writing “Proud of this and always will be. My workers are union, make a living wage, have full healthcare, and aren’t subject to racist treatment in their workplaces. Items are made in USA. Team AOC honors and respects working people. You should try it sometime instead of union-busting.”

She continued to tweet last night, writing “One guy’s business plan for a $44 billion over-leveraged purchase is apparently to run around and individually ask people for $8. Remember that next time you question yourself or your qualifications.”

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This morning, the politician tweeted a screenshot of her account notifications that suggested her account had been tampered with, writing “Yo @elonmusk while I have your attention, why should people pay $8 just for their app to get bricked when they say something you don’t like?”

“This is what my app has looked like ever since my tweet upset you yesterday,” she continued. “What’s good? Doesn’t seem very free speechy to me.”

Musk recently took over Twitter for a purchase of $44 billion, and he has already ousted many top executives, including the one who permanently banned former President Donald Trump.

Many celebrities, politicians and more have decided to leave the platform in the wake of the Tesla CEO’s takeover, citing various reasons.

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