‘Anything is possible’ -Syrian refugee trains for Tokyo Paralympics

This Syrian refugee is training for the Tokyo Paralympics

(SOUNDBITE) (Greek) SYRIAN REFUGEE IBRAHIM AL-HUSSEIN SAYING: "I don't swim for myself, there are about 80 million refugees in the world. I swim for all of them."

Ibrahim al-Hussein lost his leg in a bomb blast

while trying to help an injured friend

He later made the dangerous journey to Greece in a wheelchair

(SOUNDBITE) (Greek) SYRIAN REFUGEE IBRAHIM AL-HUSSEIN SAYING: "Anything is possible. Things can be difficult, but it needs strength, not just language, strength from inside...ninety percent of people in the world believe strength is in your hands, in your legs. No, strength comes from inside, from the mind."

He competed in the Rio Paralympics in 2016

as part of the first ever Refugee Olympic Team