Can anyone fix Singapore's broken football culture?

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Video transcript

- So my question is this to you guys, right? Right now, today, we are now the new FAS. It's not difficult what we have to do. We know what we have to do. There's three of us, Jay the director. We sit down. We are now the FAS board, blank slate.

What's the problem? Number one, the only problem, not enough play the sport anymore. Job number one, get more people to play the sport. Convince more parents that it's a viable career.

How do we do that? We need investment. Where do we get investment from? We need to go to sponsors. So we go to the potential sponsors, and they come back to us and say, yeah, we'd like to invest, but you don't play the game. So we're going to invest in Liverpool instead when they come.

We go back to the parents. We can't get any sponsors because you won't play. OK, get sponsors, and we'll play. We go back to the sponsors, and they say, well, no one's playing.

We can't fix the beginning part. We can't get more people to play. We can't get more people to watch. And therefore, we can't get more investment. If we can't get more investment, we can't build pitches. We can't build academies. And on and on it goes.